Olivia meets Pancho in Cozumel.

Thank you for visiting Away with Words.  I’m Olivia Tejeda.  I’m a writer currently working on my first novel.  I also write creative non-fiction and flash fiction and my work has been published in Best of Friday Flash – Volume 1 and at LitSnack.com.

My novel, “For Purple Mountains,” is a story of human connection and of one woman’s desperate need to hold on to the connections she treasures most, even as she realizes they could offer not salvation, but destruction.   The novel explores the themes of family, war, and the dignifying power of tragedy.

I have a long, meandering career that has always been somehow connected to words.  I was a newspaper reporter and editor, I did corporate marketing, I worked at a literary agency, and I managed bookstores (both big box and indie).

That career path finally led me to what I really want to do — write fiction.  Now I’m doing it and it freaks me out almost every day.  It amazes and delights me almost every day, too.

Without question, writing this novel is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I made a wonderful discovery in the process — Writers are a generous, kind, and encouraging breed, at least the ones I’ve been lucky enough to meet.   Through a shared passion for writing, I’ve become friends, both online and in person, with a great group of people who support, motivate, and inspire each other, and when all else fails, we make each other laugh.

I started The Silent Writers Collective to help myself and writer friends deal with two major writing obstacles, distraction and procrastination.  Each week we set a time and commit to meeting and writing, either online or in person.  The group is open to all writers.  Click the Silent Writers link above if you’d like to join us or for more info.

Besides writing, I love traveling, reading, camping, cooking, painting, and using old books to make new things, such as journals, bowls, clocks, shelves, or anything else I can imagine, including a fireplace that made it into The New Yorker magazine.

I live in Arizona with my Hon and a little stuffed monkey named Winks.  I recently found out that an anagram of my name is Jot Idea Alive, and now I’m wondering if I should change my blog name.

4 responses to “About

  1. Greetings, Olivia. Clicked on your website link and am exploring. I know very little about blogging, but it looks interesting. What are tags? And what’s an RRS feed? I read your short story, Waiting Room, and it brought back vivid memories of waiting in an outpatient clinic while my husband underwent the dreaded “colonoscopy.” It’s kind of a rite of passage when a guy turns 55. He was out of it for about two hours. We stopped on the way home at Dairy Queen for some ‘comfort’ food, and I pampered him all evening. Love the red-headed boy, even if it’s mostly gray these days!

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  3. shadowsofthemind

    I am quite new to WordPress and very impressed so far! I fell upon your blog while having a browsing moment and love it! You definitely have “a way with words”, which is an essential ingredient for any form of literature. Writing stories and poetry has always been a dream of mine since childhood, except it’s been a few years since I produced anything worth reading and have recently decided to take it up again, even if I am a little rusty. I would like to suggest an amazing and moving novel by Betty Smith, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. I could scarcely put the book down! Betty was a genius when it came to crafting incredible descriptions that would rouse all your 5 senses and stir an emotional connection with the characters. One of the best books I have ever read…

  4. Olivia, great job speaking at the Avondale Writers’ Conference. Everyone was very impressed with your talents and presentation. I look forward to your presentation and the upcoming West Valley Writers’ Conference. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

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