Next Write-In, Tuesday 4.13.2010

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Our next Silent Write-In will be this Tuesday, April 13 at 9 pm EST (6 pm PST).  We will meet via Twitter using the hashtag #silentwriters.

The Write-In begins promptly at 9 pm EST, with a few minutes of chat, news, tips, questions, etc. Then the we go silent and commit one hour to writing.  At the end of the hour, participants can continue writing (and are encouraged to do so).

No RSVP necessary, just show up on Twitter, watch for the hashtag and join in.

If you aren’t on Twitter, you must be on Facebook, right?? Search Silent Writers Collective on FB and you’ll find us there.

Email me if you have any questions, and hope to see you Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Next Write-In, Tuesday 4.13.2010

  1. Okay. This is a great idea. So, we tweet once and that’s it until sign off? I’m gonna commit to 1 hour. I NEED an hour of quiet, so you guys better not tweet too much ;^) Peace…

    1. Yes, that’s pretty much the way it will go. There will be 5-10 minutes of “chat” at the beginning. A little socializing, a little sharing of news, tips, accomplishments, etc., then the buzzer buzzes and off we go in silence. It’s helped me a ton, and I’m hoping it helps others, too!

  2. Hey, I’ll be there in spirit. I think the one hour slot you’ve picked will be at some ungodly hour here in Canberra, Australia! But I am going to pick my own hour each week and stick to it. Great idea Olivia 🙂

  3. Will the buzzer be a “silent alarm” 😀

    I’ll be there, heaping haiku upon haiku (or scribbling stories, not sure yet)

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