A Great Start and the Next Step

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Our first online Silent Write-In went remarkably well.  We had 11 participants, seven on Twitter, two on Facebook and two via email.

The feedback I heard told me that it was a productive hour, so I’m excited to keep the momentum going.  The next scheduled Write-In is scheduled for this Tuesday, 9 pm EST, but rather than waiting, I thought we might try one this weekend.  What time? Well, I’ll put out it there for a consensus.  Weekend schedules can be crazy, so please let me know via comment what day and time works best for you.

With interested writers from across the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, and beyond, timing can be dicey, so I’m open to scheduling Write-Ins whenever they’re needed or wanted.

I will also mention that anyone is welcome to use the #SilentWriters hashtag.  If you have a group of writers you work with, and you want to get together online to write, please feel free to use it.

Thanks again for all the interest, and please spread the word.  We writers need to keep each other motivated!


4 thoughts on “A Great Start and the Next Step

  1. Sorry I missed this past Tuesday – child had a meltdown. Wil laim again for next Tuesday, but Sunday evenings often work well for me.

    I DID write an entire hour this morning – yippee! Peace, Linda

  2. My almost daily different work hours often don’t permit me to venture into a scheduled writing hour, but I’ll join you guys as often as I will be able 🙂

    It was a great idea!

  3. Damn. Not gonna happen for me tonight. Blue screen of death this morning. I’m on my teeny weeny laptop now.

    And mom fell and broke her hip, so I’m down to NC. Write? Maybe next year. Sigh…

    Peace, and write hard.

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