Go Silent every Tuesday at 6 PM EST-US

Our standing meeting is Tuesday at 9-10 pm EST and 9-10 pm PST (US), but participants are encouraged to “Get Silent” whenever the mood strikes, either alone, with others, online, or in person.

We meet via Twitter using the hashtag #SilentWriters. If you aren’t on Twitter, we have a group on Facebook, or just click the email link to the right, and we’ll get you in on the fun.

Our gatherings start with a few minutes of socializing, sharing info, etc, but after that we all agree to shut up and write.  We’re not a critique group, we’re not limited by genre, education, experience, or skill. We just get together to write.

We hope you’ll join in.  We’re a new group, but everyone who’s gone silent with us has found it’s productive hour.  Gotta love that!


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