Positively Sharing Literary Link Love

A few long weeks ago, for the second time in as many years, my laptop brain fried, and I lost everything.

What a headache.

On the positive side, because it happened before, I had just about everything backed up.  On the other positive side, I had been saving all of my bookmarks online because losing your bookmarks once is devastating, losing them a second time would be even more devastating.

If we can squeeze a third positive out of this (and I think we can), in getting my sweet new computer up and running, I decided it was time to clean out some of those bookmarks that haven’t been used since my 9th grade term paper on S.E. Hinton.

Positive #4: I now have a wonderful collection of literary websites to share.  This isn’t my complete list; I’ll be adding more as I continue sorting.  If you’d like your blog or site listed here, please let me know.

And now on to the links.  I’m positive you’ll enjoy them all.

Literary Link Love:
Arts & Letters Daily: A daily report of news in the arts and ideas.
Bookforum: Book reviews, author interviews, and commentary
Booksquare: The whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless making it up is easier or funnier
Cannon Fodder: One reader’s journey reading the classics and blogging about them
The Critical Poet: An online poetry forum
Editor Unleashed: Writing, publishing, social media, and community
Editorial Ass: Notes from a recovering editorial assistant
Electric Literature: A quarterly anthology of five top-notch short stories, delivered in every viable medium
Emerging Writers Network: For emerging and established writers and the readers who love them
Escape Into Life: An online arts journal featuring art reviews, poetry, essays, and lots of art
Fictionaut: For adventurous readers and writers
The Fill in the Gaps 100 Project: Post 100 books you plan to read over the next five years (or read everyone else’s list)
Girlebooks: Ebooks by the gals
Hilobrow: An encounter with uncompromising arts and ideas
Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Reading queries for fun, fodder, and best-selling books
JMWW: A quarterly journal of fiction, poetry, flash, nonfiction, and art
Kenyon Review: Exclusive works of fiction,poetry, essays, and more
Lit Kicks: Opinions, observations, and research on the meaning and relevance of literature in modern life
Literary Mama: An online literary magazine featuring mama writers
Make a Scene: Author, journalist, and editor Jordan Rosenfeld
The Millions : Online magazine offering coverage on books, arts, and culture
Nathan Bransford: Literary Agent
Poetic Asides: Writer’s Digest poetry site with Robert Lee Brewer
Poetry Speaks: Experience poetry in exciting new ways
Poets.org: From the Academy of American Poets
Six Sentences: What can you say in six sentences?
Three Guys One Book: Reviews, publishing news, photography, and the popular 3G1B group discussion
The Nervous Breakdown: An online literary publication type deal
Tin House : The online edition of the American literary magazine
Web Fiction Guide: The name says it all
A Writer’s Edge: English words, writing, and books–with a tech touch
The Writing Show: Information and inspiration for writers


3 thoughts on “Positively Sharing Literary Link Love

  1. Oh I know that headache Olivia, but you’re right – it is a great opportunity to clean things up at least. I desperately need to go through my bookmarks, but I’d rather write. Guess I’ll be waiting until I’m forced, (which hopefully isn’t any time soon).

  2. Deanna, I hope you’re never forced! It is pretty devastating to have a hard drive crash. Even if your system is backed up, it’s still so much work to get everything back in order. From the sounds of it, though, it seems like you do have some experience with this. You have my sympathy!

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