A Thousand Words: Monument Valley

A Thousand Words is a photo prompt I will be sharing each Sunday.  Maybe the images will inspire you to write a short story, a haiku, a blog post, a grocery list.  Maybe you’ll just sit back, look at the photos, and think, Olivia must have writer’s block today.  Whatever your response, I hope you enjoy the pictures each week and that they inspire you to something that brings out your best creative zen.

If you write something based on the image, feel free to share a link in the comments section.   Also feel free to use the photo on your blog, just be sure to give proper credit, which I will always include in the caption.

Resources: The Daily Post, Monument Valley

19 thoughts on “A Thousand Words: Monument Valley

  1. Beautiful… thank you for sharing these photos… I love the world of red rock and it inspires me each time I see it…

  2. Time has its own pace
    The land’s bare bones stand tall, red
    Look about you – see!

    …although…I do like the idea of being inspired to write a grocery list 😀

    Gorgeous photos, Olivia. And a nice idea for Sundays.

  3. Thanks, Tina and Kevin. I’ve been toying with the idea of a weekly photo prompt, and I’m feeling just burned out enough on writing to get it started this week. Sometimes a little burnout is all you need to motivate you in other directions.

    Kevin, I imagine even your grocery lists are beautifully composed in 5-7-5.

    Milk, cheese, some ramen,
    Eggs, juice, bagels, ham, cabbage,
    Cheerios, ice cream.

  4. I’ve been wanting to go to monument valley for a few year now. Ever since I became of John Wayne and John Fords movie’s it has been on my bucket list.

  5. Okay.. now I’m inspired by the grocery list to write out my dinner! Love reading all of your submissions and love this blog! I’ve been in such a writing slump lately and this helps a lot!

    Romaine, cucumbers,
    red bell peppers, grilled chicken,
    croutons and dressing.

    – MG

  6. Re: your tweet, I had to come see why Kevin would be buying cabbage flavored Cheerios……

    GORGEOUS photos.

    My Grocery list looks like this:
    milk, baby spinach, whatever seafood is on sale , stop to flirt with the really tall stocker in aisle five….

    1. Karen, You always make me laugh! You also remind me of a story that I still laugh about …
      Grocery shopping around 5:30 one Sunday morning at Safeway. I’m in the dairy section trying to track down buttermilk and having no luck. A man from the butcher department is nearby changing the signs on a display. I’m hesitant, but decide to ask him, since he’s the only employee around.
      “Pardon me,” I ask. “Do you know anything about the dairy department?”
      “Sorry, ma’am,” he answers. “I’m basically all meat.”
      I tried … I really tried not to laugh out loud, but I couldn’t do it. Months later, I still think about that and laugh!

  7. Well…. I wouldn’t know about this sort of thing of course, but somehow? I think that line may have been uttered once or twice before with cheesy 70’s style music spooling in the background…… Chickeebowchickeewowwowwow…..

  8. Monument Valley is in my backyard and yet I’ve never visited it. Ridiculous. Your photos have inspired me to pack up and head south. Thank you. (Btw, love your blog!)

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