A Thousand Words: The Sound of Laughter

Image courtesy of lolololori on Flickr.  Some rights reserved.


A Thousand Words is a weekly photo prompt posted every Sunday.  Maybe the images will inspire you to write a short story, a haiku, a blog post, a love note.  Maybe you’ll just sit back and enjoy the photo.   Whatever your response, I hope you enjoy the picture and that it inspires you to creative zen.

If you write something based on the image, feel free to share a link in the comments section.   Also feel free to use the photo on your blog, just be sure to give proper credit, which I will always include in the post or the caption.

Resources: Creative Commons, Flickr, The Daily Post


5 thoughts on “A Thousand Words: The Sound of Laughter

  1. Olivia, I can’t decide if I’m enjoying Sunday’s a thousand words, or Monday’s motivator more. Maybe I like them equally.
    In any case, this picture brings about many memories of laughing with my sisters – thank you for that.
    Maybe I can carve out some time in this crazy day, (which, yes, I am currently ignoring), to write about those times.

  2. Laughter washes the cobwebs from the soul – so thank you for sharing this and washing cobwebs from souls Olivia.

  3. This is a photo of my mom (she’s the one in the green) laughing with her friends from elemantary school at one of their daughters’ bridal showers. I love that you all are inspired by her and her pals – I know I have been! I could fill up encyclopedias of how great a woman she is, and the magic of her lifelong friendships. Thanks to Olivia!

  4. Lori, I’m so glad you stopped by! Thank you for sharing this picture. It’s already received some great feedback. From the looks of it, there really is magic in that friendship! ~Olivia

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