Monday Motivator: Virginia Woolf’s Wild Horses

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“Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.”
— Virginia Woolf
from “Jacob’s Room”

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I chose this quote in honor of Virginia Woolf’s 129th birthday, tomorrow, January 25.  What do the words evoke in you?

The Monday Motivator is a weekly quote posted to encourage, inspire, and motivate writers of all skill levels and across genres. If you have a favorite quote to share, I’d love to include it.  Click here to see past Monday Motivators.

Resources:  The International Virginia Woolf Society, The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Virginia Woolf’s Wild Horses

  1. Great choice. It evokes the constant struggle between wanting to be safe, secure, mundane even, yet have that inner thing that pulls toward the wild and chaotic passions in life.

  2. Our wild horses might snap us out of stagnancy. If we forget this aspect of our nature, we’re likely to be consumed by routine and social expectations. If we embrace our wild horses, our passion might manifest great things.

    As someone who grew up around horses, both wild and tame, I can attest to the fact that a wild horse is not only beautiful in many ways but also has a lot of potential. In a sense, we praise our own wild horses by acknowledging our potential.

  3. One of my all time favorite quotes Olivia, it reminds me that it’s okay to let go of that structured, organized, oh-so-boring domestic life now and then and just “let me out”! Not only is it okay, it’s necessary to maintain sanity, (though, during the time of letting loose, I sometimes appear to be quite insane). Ha!

    I have a post about Virginia Woolf, one of my all time favorite authors, scheduled for tomorrow. It’s an excerpt from an essay I wrote about her, in regards to A Room of One’s Own. I hope you can stop in!

    Thank you for this wonderful quote!

  4. Ooh I LOVE this post. I have never heard it before. This is so true of the way I write…especially my poetry. There has always been a wildness about it. Another reason why this is true for me, is that my family has always said I am a lot like a wild horse – never been quite tamed and always loving to be free and independant. I think this could be true of most creative people. We don’t quite fit the mold of this world. So we make our own.
    Great post Olivia!

  5. Great quote! Did you know she shares her birthday with Robert Burns – and a few others? I think Mrs. Dalloway is one of my faves – but I didn’t read it until after reading The Hours. Mrs. Dalloway is better 🙂

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