Inspiration Points for Silent Writers’ Retreat

Every Tuesday at 9 pm, the literary world goes silent.

Hmm, that’s overstating it.  Let me try again.  … Every Tuesday at 9 pm, the literary world observes an hour of silence.

No, no.  Too much.  Here’s what happens … Every Tuesday at 9 pm EST and PST, writers who find it difficult making time to write join together for an hour of silent writing.

The Silent Writers Collective hosts a weekly online silent retreat for all writers who want to commit a minimum of one hour to writing.  If you’re interested in participating, join us at 9 EST and PST on Twitter or Facebook.

You can work on your own project or use one of the exercises provided below.

If the time doesn’t suit you, choose another time, just one hour and make a commitment to your writing.  It’s worth it.

For more information, visit the Silent Writers Collective.

Resources: The Daily Post

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