Beating Real Life Writing Obstacles

Most writers I know face the same obstacle in reaching their writing goals.

Real Life.

How many times have we made a commitment to our selves and to our writing, only to have to put that commitment aside and tend to dear daughter’s science project, dear husband’s broken down car, or dear boss’s last minute work project.  These aren’t excuses, they’re real life.  And it often becomes too easy to put our writing aside while all the other responsibilities in our lives take precedence.

Jamie Lee Wallace, aka Suddenly Jamie on Live to Write — Write to Live, knows the drill.  She set some writing goals for 2011.  But,” she says, ” these intentions were all summarily slaughtered by the demands of my Real Life.”

She decided not to be done in by the slaughter.  After some serious thinking, she came up with 7 Steps to Better Writing Habits. Here’s what she had to say:

A confession and 7 steps to better writing habitsI’m experiencing a bad case of writing resolutions whiplash. At the start of 2011, I was all revved up and ready to plunge into my writing practice like a pelican diving head first into an ocean seething with slippery, silvery deliciousness. I had plans – Big Plans. “This is the year,” I said, my heart full of confidence and enthusiasm. And then my daughter came down with the flu. And then I came down with the flu. We had a succession of snow day … Read More

Resources: Live to Write – Write to Live, The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Beating Real Life Writing Obstacles

  1. i like to think that everything in life contributes to my writing. if you treat all your experiences as possible stories than you’re always “working”. when i’m not near my computer, or when i can’t sit down with my notebook, i take quick notes in my cell phone notepad. i’ve composed the skeleton of blog entries on my cell phone and when i get home, it takes no time at all to flesh out the final version.

    when i walk around i’m always listening to podcast — essay ideas come to mind, author interviews lead me to new books. everything is writing if you allow it to be.

    and, always carry a notebook and pen!

  2. Thank you for sharing my post. Good luck beating your own real life obstacles and continuing to make time for your writing!

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