On The Road, Just Me and Mom

My mother was here last week.  Her plan was to visit my brother and his family in San Francisco, then she was coming to see me in Arizona.  She was supposed to be here for two weeks, but I live in a quiet part of Arizona, and I know my mom … two weeks here and she’d be crawling the walls.

The solution?  Road trip!  (Honestly, I think a road trip is the solution to most problems.)

I drove to San Francisco to meet her, and the two of us took a week to wander along the Pacific Coast, up into Vegas and back down to Phoenix.  It was a great trip and we saw some fantastic sites.  Once again, I was awed by the diverse beauty of this part of the world, from the immense views of the ocean from the Pacific Coast Highway to Arizona’s stunning red rocks in Sedona.

Here are a few highlights (click on a photo to see it full size):

Photos © Olivia Tejeda.  All rights reserved.

Resources: The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “On The Road, Just Me and Mom

  1. What a gorgeous part of the world you live in Olivia! The farthest west I’ve been is Dallas, (I live in southwest VA), so I’ve yet to see this beauty in person. I hope one day to be able to visit.

    So glad you and your mom had this opportunity to share a whole week of sightseeing, a cherished memory I’m sure.

  2. Wow, I’m so jealous of that sunny, beachy coast! We just got another blizzard on sunday. I cleaned my car off in hail! Please send some sunshine my way! The trip with your mom looks awesome!

  3. Road trip!

    I have to admit, the Pacific Coast Highway run is just gorgeous – as is so very much on this left coast. This, of course, from an Irishman, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and typing this from Chicago’s O’Hare, en route to Kansas City, MO.

    Peripatetic, that’s me.

    Glad you and your Mom had a good time together.

  4. Beautiful photos! I live in AZ as well, and just took a week-long roadtrip to San Diego and saw some of my own beautiful shots (that I need to edit and upload). Sedona’s another personal fave!

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