Old Hardcover Finds New Life Protecting E-Books

This Once A Book project feels sacrilegious.  Desecrating an old hardcover to protect a new e-reader feels irreverent, disrespectful.  So very “Et tu, Brute.”

But it’s a great project, and any self-respecting old hardcover would be honored to be put to such creative use.

How To Make a Kindle Cover from a Hollowed Out Hardback Book comes from WonderHowTo.com, the giant user-generated, free how-to video directory.

Resources:  Once A Book, WonderHowTo.com, Et tu, Brute, The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Old Hardcover Finds New Life Protecting E-Books

  1. Very strange… I woke up just this morning imagining that I would do something similar to this but with a composition book, thereby incorporating writing paper to have at hand so to take notes while reading. I will check out the link… thanks Olivia!

  2. Actually, this solves one of the basic problems of e-books: How to show it off. We bookworms know that there is more to having a book than just reading it, we also want people to know that we have it. We want people to see it on our shelves. There could be a new line of business here for a publisher who want to produce dummy covers to go with the e-books they sell (Of course, covers would have to be changed when you start to read a new book).
    And there is another advantage. At the moment, when you have the latest bestseller on display in your home or office, many visitors ask unashamedly: “Can I borrow that book?”, and it hard to answer “no”. But in the future you can take the cover off and demand incredulously: “Do you really want to take my $139 device away with you, and expect me to have to ask all the time for it back?”

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