7 Ways to Be A Writer (or not)

As an aspiring novelist, I’m often drawn to articles and blog posts offering advice on:

How to be …

  • … a writer
  • … a better writer
  • … a more prolific writer
  • … a published writer
  • … a writer with a following
  • … a writer who tweets
  • … a multi-layered writer
  • … a writer who Facebooks
  • … a writer who researches
  • … a writer who …

Shall I go on?

Some of these articles offer sound useful advice, others seem to be exercises in ego inflation.  That’s why I really enjoyed this article from The Faster Times.  It’s a little of both.

Read more …  How to Be a Writer (Although You Probably Shouldn’t Be One) | The Faster Times.


6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Be A Writer (or not)

  1. That’s a lovely article on The Faster Times – great website. Only small issue is that I’m at an age where writing for 6 hours a day for 15 years may take me to the ‘hereafter’. Any writers’ groups in the hearafter!!

  2. I remember reading this last year about this time — great advice. Sucky/awesome advice.

    Six hours a day. Oh to have 6 hours a day.

    (Hence the 5 year plan). Peace…

  3. Love the link, Olivia. The problem isn’t that writing is any harder than any other job, it’s that too many people who want to be writers think they won’t have to work. Ha! Writing is a J-O-B, exclamation point! Thanks for the post.

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