It’s All About ME (Maine)

As a kid, I spent just about every summer vacation at the beach on the southern coast of Maine.  My family rented a house in the tiny hamlet of Pine Point and every August, we’d indulge in as much sand, sun, lobster, and relaxation as we could possibly take in.

As years passed, the summer trips grew less  frequent, but my love of the aptly nicknamed Vacationland kept growing.   I’ve gone back to visit every time I had the chance, which hasn’t been nearly often enough.  When I yearn to “get away,” it’s Maine I want.

Here’s part of the reason why:



3 thoughts on “It’s All About ME (Maine)

  1. What gorgeous photos Olivia! Did you take these? The one of the seaspray over the log is so bright and vivid it almost looks like a painting. I can see why you enjoy the area so much.

  2. Gorgeous.

    When we wish to get away, we head to the Russian Ricer and the Pacific coast. Away from technology, and everyday cares.

    Looks like your ME getaway is not dissimilar.

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