Quick and Easy Clock for the Literary Crafter

In case you don’t have enough books on your bookshelves, there aren’t enough books stacked on your night stand, piled next to the couch, or teetering on the coffee table, here is another way to bring books into your home.

This Once A Book project from the bloggers at FactoryDirectCraft.com is a quick project that will take about an hour from start to finish.  Use any book you like.  Heavier books can be propped on a table, lighter ones can be hung.

To complete this project, you only need three things:

  • A book
  • A clock kit
  • An X-ACTO or box cutter
  • A drill or an awl is helpful but not necessary.

The tutorial can be found here: Upcycling – Turn an Old Book into a Working Clock.

If you make a book clock, send me a picture, and I’ll post it here.

Resources: Once A Book, FactoryDirectCraft.com, The Daily Post

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