Beyond The Edge: Waterfalls

Waterfalls are among the most beautiful, peaceful, and powerful of nature’s phenomena.  What constitutes a waterfall varies depending on whom you ask, but what is certain is that it is water flowing over an area, falling over the edge, and dropping onto the surface below.

That’s a pretty dry (pardon the pun) description of a waterfall, and while pictures bring them to life a little bit more, they don’t begin to do them justice.  I’m often disappointed when I look through my pictures after a waterfall hunting trip because I have yet to take a photo that translates the experience strongly enough.

Still … they’re fun to look at.

Photos © Olivia Tejeda.  All rights reserved.

To hunt down a few waterfalls of your own, check out the U.S. Waterfall Map from

Resources:, The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Beyond The Edge: Waterfalls

  1. I grew up with many waterfalls in my area and I love them too. I agree photos never do them justice, but your photos are lovely. I can stand and just watch them, breath in the magic of them, for ages.

  2. Absolute gorgeous photos Olivia. I love waterfalls, and have been around them all my life, having grown up in the mountains of TN, in fact my great-great-great-great (I think) unlce discoveredd Gentry Falls, (my maiden name), which is about a 6 mile advanced hike in Laurel Bloomery TN and they are gorgeous.
    We also live a few hours from Brevard Co, NC, which is deemed “the land of the waterfalls”, and we love visiting! There’s one called Sliding Rock Falls that the brave of the bravest can slide down. Here’s the link to Google images of Brevard’s falls:
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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