If These Walls Could Read: The Floating Bookshelf

In seven simple steps, videojug.com shows us how to turn an old book into a floating bookshelf.

This Once A Book project can be used to stack other books, display artwork or photos, or as an art installation on its own.  Stagger a few  shelves along the wall or make the base sit both parallel and perpendicular to the wall.  It’s DIY … have fun with it!

In the video’s comments section, some killjoy says that you can buy a bracket for about $10 to do the same thing.  That’s true, but what’s the fun of that?  It’s much more organic (and ecologically friendly) to make your own.  Besides, the pride of looking at the shelf and knowing you did it yourself easily trumps an off-the-shelf purchase.

For all the details, visit How To Install Invisible Shelves on videojug.com.

Resources: Once A Book, videojug.com, The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “If These Walls Could Read: The Floating Bookshelf

  1. ooh! Now I want to do this in when I move house in the summer…

    I really love these Saturday once-a-book projects. I keep thinking I’m going to have to raid the local second-hand book store for some sacrificial books one of these days 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sacha. I love them too! So many books end up in landfills, we can’t save them all, but these projects let us save some of them. Second hand bookstores, thrift shops, yard sales, library sales, old books are available everyone and they’re pretty cheap … sometimes even free!

    If you make the book shelf, send me a picture!

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