For ‘Tolkien Reading Day,’ a Favorite Quote

As someone with a strong sense of wanderlust, the second line of this quote always meant something special to me.  I heard it long before I became familiar with J.R.R.Tolkien or The Lord of the Rings, but when I found out Tolkien wrote it in The Fellowship of the Ring, I smile and thought, Yeah, that makes sense.

In honor of Tolkien Reading Day 2011, I’m happy to share a few of his words.

Resources: The Tolkien Society, Playdura on Flickr, The Daily Post

4 thoughts on “For ‘Tolkien Reading Day,’ a Favorite Quote

  1. Count me as part of the “second line resonates deeply” crowd.

    Thought, oddly enough, I never made it through the Lord of the Rings – the flaw is in me, I know. But there it is.

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