Finding the Time to Write (Silent or Not)

One of the toughest challenges in writing is finding the time to sit down and do it.  If “time” is not the issue, maybe it’s myriad distractions (laundry, facebook, Will & Grace reruns, email, etc.) that pull you away.

Five Tips for Finding Writing Time on offers helpful insight not only on finding time, but on making that time productive once you’re in the chair and ready to get started.

The Silent Writers online writing retreat is another useful tool.  Every Tuesday at 9 pm EST, writers who find it difficult making time to write join together for an hour of silent writing. Writing for a specific and set amount of time is not only satisfying, it helps in building a consistent and rewarding writing life.

The retreat is open to all writers, but it was created especially for those who find it hard to put aside distractions for their craft.  To participate,  join us tonight at 9 EST on Twitter or Facebook.

You can work on your own project or use one of the writing exercises below.

  1. From and Poetry prompts
  2. From Verbal VerbosityThe 100 Words Challenge Prompt
  3. From me: A photo prompt, “Tag Along”
  4. From Mama’s Losin’ ItFive Writing Prompts
  5. From @Selorian on Twitter:#storystarters
  6. From Plinky: Quickie questions to ponder

The 9 pm PST retreat is open by request.  If you’re interested in this session, please leave a comment here.

For more information on tonight’s retreat, visit the Silent Writers Collective.

Resources: copyblogger. Luigi Diamonte portfolio, The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Finding the Time to Write (Silent or Not)

  1. Oh dear, this hit me hard. Yes, there are way too many distractions on my end that I end up not writing. It does take a lot of discipline and commitment to come to writing. Now, if only I can afford a housekeeper.

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