Old Book Blossoms into New Vase

This week’s Once A Book project comes from the blog Atypical Type A by Alicia Parsons.

When Ms. Parsons was planning her literary themed wedding, she turned old books into these unique vases for decoration.  There’s so much I love about that whole idea, starting with the literary themed wedding. Fabulous!

Her tutorial, Make a vintage book vase, is easy to follow, requires only basic craft supplies, and makes a vase that is lovely to look at, but it is just for looks.  To make a vase that holds water and a stem or two, use a book with a spine wide enough to wrap around a small test tube or florist water tube.  Insert the tube before adhering the end pages in step 6.

As always, with Once A Book projects, if you try it, send a picture and I’ll post it here.

Resources: Once A Book, Atypical Type A, The Daily Post.


3 thoughts on “Old Book Blossoms into New Vase

  1. Stella, that vase is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photo.

    Siobhan, I agree. They are very pretty. But please don’t be too sad-faced over the book she used. No true book lover would destroy a useful book for a Once A Book project. It’s sad to say, but there are countless old and lonely books that no one loves anymore. Rather than throwing them in the local dump, it’s wonderful (and environmentally friendly) to see them put back into circulation as beautiful, useful objects.

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