Daniel Handler on Loving Poetry in the Living Room

Daniel Handler singing and accompanying The Go...
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The January issue of Poetry Magazine includes an essay by Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket for those of you with YA readers in the house.  The essay, Happy, Snappy, Sappy: There’s Space in the Living Room for Poetry talks about the joys of reading poetry simply for the joy of reading poetry.

I’m sharing it here because there was a time when poetry scared me, as I explained in my post, Learning to Love Poetry Can Strengthen Your Prose.   If poetry scares you … even just a little, have a read.  I think you’ll appreciate it and I think you’ll laugh, too.

For more information, check out “How to Read a Poem (and Fall in Love with Poetry),” from the Poetry Foundation.  The post and the site is loaded with great insight.

Resources: The Poetry Foundation, Daniel Handler, Post A Day.