Making New Books from Old

Shortly after I started making handmade books, I decided that I’d make one for everyone in my family for Christmas.  I was managing a used bookstore at the time and had access to hundreds of books that were destined for recycling.  I was happy to save them and give them new life as journals.

The Neil Diamond journal is from an album cover.  I made that one for my Mom, who is a huge fan.  She’s on a first name basis with him, even though they’ve never really met.  Aside from Neil, I tried to pick covers that were somehow connected to the recipient.

Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph them all, but the binding stitch has very little variation.  I used the Japanese stab binding stitch.  As violent as that sounds, it’s called stab binding because you have to punch a hole through the covers and all the sheets.

For instructions on doing this yourself, see this online tutorial from Amphian Photography.