Positively Sharing Literary Link Love

A few long weeks ago, for the second time in as many years, my laptop brain fried, and I lost everything.

What a headache.

On the positive side, because it happened before, I had just about everything backed up.  On the other positive side, I had been saving all of my bookmarks online because losing your bookmarks once is devastating, losing them a second time would be even more devastating.

If we can squeeze a third positive out of this (and I think we can), in getting my sweet new computer up and running, I decided it was time to clean out some of those bookmarks that haven’t been used since my 9th grade term paper on S.E. Hinton.

Positive #4: I now have a wonderful collection of literary websites to share.  This isn’t my complete list; I’ll be adding more as I continue sorting.  If you’d like your blog or site listed here, please let me know.

And now on to the links.  I’m positive you’ll enjoy them all.

Literary Link Love:
Arts & Letters Daily: A daily report of news in the arts and ideas.
Bookforum: Book reviews, author interviews, and commentary
Booksquare: The whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless making it up is easier or funnier
Cannon Fodder: One reader’s journey reading the classics and blogging about them
The Critical Poet: An online poetry forum
Editor Unleashed: Writing, publishing, social media, and community
Editorial Ass: Notes from a recovering editorial assistant
Electric Literature: A quarterly anthology of five top-notch short stories, delivered in every viable medium
Emerging Writers Network: For emerging and established writers and the readers who love them
Escape Into Life: An online arts journal featuring art reviews, poetry, essays, and lots of art
Fictionaut: For adventurous readers and writers
The Fill in the Gaps 100 Project: Post 100 books you plan to read over the next five years (or read everyone else’s list)
Girlebooks: Ebooks by the gals
Hilobrow: An encounter with uncompromising arts and ideas
Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Reading queries for fun, fodder, and best-selling books
JMWW: A quarterly journal of fiction, poetry, flash, nonfiction, and art
Kenyon Review: Exclusive works of fiction,poetry, essays, and more
Lit Kicks: Opinions, observations, and research on the meaning and relevance of literature in modern life
Literary Mama: An online literary magazine featuring mama writers
Make a Scene: Author, journalist, and editor Jordan Rosenfeld
The Millions : Online magazine offering coverage on books, arts, and culture
Nathan Bransford: Literary Agent
Poetic Asides: Writer’s Digest poetry site with Robert Lee Brewer
Poetry Speaks: Experience poetry in exciting new ways
Poets.org: From the Academy of American Poets
Six Sentences: What can you say in six sentences?
Three Guys One Book: Reviews, publishing news, photography, and the popular 3G1B group discussion
The Nervous Breakdown: An online literary publication type deal
Tin House : The online edition of the American literary magazine
Web Fiction Guide: The name says it all
A Writer’s Edge: English words, writing, and books–with a tech touch
The Writing Show: Information and inspiration for writers