What is The Silent Writers Collective?
We are a group of writers who meet online or in person for a weekly silent writing retreat.  Any writer can join in regardless of genre, experience, education, or skill level.  We’re not a critique group; we’re a writing group.

How often do you meet?
The scheduled retreat is held once a week, on Tuesdays at 9-10 pm EST and PST (US), but Silent Writers are welcome to meet and write any time.

What if I can’t make it at that time but I still want to participate?
If you can’t make it for the scheduled retreat, we encourage you to “Get Silent” whenever the mood strikes, either alone, with others, online, or in person.  Communal creativity is very motivating and inspiring, so these retreats are most productive when they are done with at least one other writer.

But I don’t know any other writers.  How can I connect with someone who will write with me?
Wait a minute … you’re online reading this and you don’t know any other writers?  Get out there and meet some!  Facebook and Twitter alone can connect you with hundreds of writers.  Websites like pw.org or writersdigest.com have wonderful, active forums.

How much does it cost to participate?
Free!  Yay!  We love free!

What do I need to participate?
Whatever you write with: a pad and pen, computer, iPad, whatever.  If you’re working on a project, bring that.  If not, we’ll share a writing prompt or exercise at the beginning to help you get started.

Then what happens?
Then we go silent and write for one uninterrupted hour.

What’s the point of meeting online and not talking to each other?
It seems silly doesn’t it?  But it works.  Most writers experience struggles with procrastination, distraction, lack of motivation. Put those writers together in a group with the objective if committing a specific amount of time to write and you know what happens?  They write.  Simply put, that’s the main objective of the SWC, getting writers to write.

Okay, I’m sold.  Where do I sign up?
No need to sign up, but if you have Twitter, use the #SilentWriters hashtag to let us know you’re participating. Or, visit the Facebook page and leave a message .

What if I have other questions?
Email me or leave a comment here and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.


15 thoughts on “SWC FAQs

  1. Just so I’m clear. It starts at 9pm pst? I’m a bit challenged when it comes to Facebook, although I am on there, do I just find you as a group or as a friend?
    Thanks I look forward to being involved with this if not tonight then next week.

      1. Ooh… I like that. I will definitely join you next Tuesday. Tonight I have a commitment. This is a great thing you are doing. Thank you!!!

  2. This is a funny concept, “Let’s meet so we can not talk to each other.” But that’s why I think it is so genius. Simple and effective.
    I’m in.
    Is there a bunch of chatter before and after the hour? That would make sense.

    1. Funny, there isn’t much chat before … maybe 2-3 minutes and no one seems eager for more. I think everyone is in a let’s-get-down-to-business mindset. Afterward there’s more chit chat because participants are excited and amped up on creative juice. There’s never a lot of chat, though, and sometimes participants who’ve been inspired in the past hour, just keep writing. That’s my favorite!

  3. This is awesome! I agree that the biggest enemy is procrastination! Damn you Life for always getting in the way…I think that it’s a great idea and I admire all of those participating.

  4. Sounds like a really neat idea! 9 EST is 8 CT for me, which is among the busiest hours in my household! I love the idea of “going silent”, while going within to write. Meet you there on one of these Tuesdays!

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