Best of Friday Flash – Volume One

Great news!  The “Best of Friday Flash – Volume One,” an anthology that includes one of my flash fiction stories was released today in ebook format at

Bottom of the Ninth,” my flash about a nervous preteen whose softball team championship rests in her pudgy little hands, is part of the first collection by Friday Flash writers, a group of writers who publish flash fiction on their blogs every Friday.

The anthology is available via in just about every ebook format for just $2.99.


To see the book and download a sample (or BUY it!), click here: Best of Friday Flash: Volume One.  The printed version will be released shortly.  Stay tuned for details.

For a little info on the book release, visit Mad Utopia, the site of Friday Flash founder Jon Strother.

As you might imagine, I’m just beside myself with excitement! I feel like I should be passing out cigars and champagne.

6 thoughts on “Best of Friday Flash – Volume One

  1. Congratulations Olivia. I recall reading your story as part of #fridayflash and enjoyed it then. I am enjoying it all over again as I read “Best of Friday Flash Volume One”.

    I’ve also just listened to the track you link to on Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” album. I’m not familiar with it – but have to become so. It was gorgeous.

    Thanks for expanding my horizons – and congratulations again.

    1. I’ve heard great things about, and I would consider it for print on demand. One of my stories is included in The Best of Friday Flash, but I wasn’t involved in the publishing of it. I’m quite happy with Smashwords, though. They’ve done a great job of publishing the e-book in all formats.

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