The Silent Writers Collective

The Silent Writers Collective is an online weekly writing retreat.  All writers are invited to join us online or in person to commit a specific amount of time to writing in silence.  If you find it difficult to put aside distractions and just write, you may want to get in on this.

Our weekly retreats are held Tuesday 9-10 pm EST (US) and/or 9-10 pm PST (US) for those of us on the left side of the U.S.  There is no specific program, we start on time with a minute or two of hellos, etc, then the “buzzer” sounds and we start writing.  You can work on your own writing project, or I will offer a writing prompt or exercise to help you get started.

If you can’t make it for the scheduled retreat, Silent Writers are encouraged to “Get Silent” whenever the mood strikes, either alone, with others, online, or in person.

We meet via Twitter using the hashtag #SilentWriters. If you aren’t on Twitter, we have a group on Facebook, or just click the email link to the right, and we’ll get you in on the fun.
We’re not a critique group, we’re not limited by genre, education, experience, or skill. We just get together to write.

Have questions, check out the SWC FAQs.

Click here for the latest SWC posts.


30 thoughts on “The Silent Writers Collective

  1. This is a great idea. I am a want-a-be writer. I need a lot of help with my writing. I am participating in the post a day challenge on WordPress. Having a lot of fun with it. I fear I may be getting to old to write. I will be 60 in a couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions to help me it will be greatly appreciated.

      1. That is encouraging news. I turned 50 not long ago and I am still a very “beginner” writer. I had a deadline to become a writer by 40 and that didn’t happen, then 50 became my new goal. I am still looking forward to fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a writer so I am really happy I have found all these great sites to motivate me. Thank you.

  2. Great idea. I’m also coming from the WordPress’ Dailypost. I’m an old blogger that’s trying to regain the rythm. I signed myself for Post-a-Week and am coping the deal so far. 🙂

    I’ll be joining the #SilentWriters tomorrow, hopefully, at 9PM EST. 😀

  3. The silent retreat: Who dreamed up this inspiring idea! At 3 AM in Switzerland, I shall be in the arms of Morpheus (God of dreams). If I can tear myself away from Mropheus’ arms, I shall amble through the dark night and look for your company on twitter.
    manuscript on “Brillant and Abrasive Leaders” is due Feb 29th. Aiee a nightmare!!

  4. I have a dream to live from my writing when I am retired… in about 20 years. So plenty of time. I had never heard of silent writers retreat before. Sounds amazing! I wish I could partake! Best. A.T.

  5. I’am very passionate about writing since the first time, I picked up a pen and notebook. Anyway I think this retreat that you guys are doing is great.

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