Writers: When Inspiration Sags, Hit the Books

One of the many joys of being a writer is finding something that moves you so deeply that you’re inspired to write.  What happens, though, when that initial flush fades, and you’re far from finishing what you’ve started?

Staying motivated is a challenge writers face daily.  As a world-class procrastinator, I can find hundreds, okay, thousands of diversions that keep me from writing.  Sometimes just the process of getting started inspires me, but I’m not always so lucky.  When I’m feeling particularly stagnant, I turn to my favorite books to push me forward.

Dennis Tafoya, author of DOPE THIEF and the soon to be published THE WOLVES OF FAIRMOUNT PARK also finds inspiration in books.  On his blog, Dennis Tafoya’s Bad Neighborhood, he has started sharing info on books that have taught him something about writing.

He starts his Books That Teach series with SAVE ME, JOE LOUIS by Madison Smartt Bell and explains what the book taught him.  He also asks for input.  Please visit Dennis’ site and share your favorites.

Can you guess which author I included?  Hint: His first name is Philip and his last name is Roth. (Hi Philip! Love you!)

Need a different inspiration boost? Join The Silent Writers Collective on Tuesdays at 9 PM Eastern (US) for the next Silent Write-In.


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